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Anyone else Worried???

I must admit that even after the revival at Oakwell on Saturday night, I am slightly concerned that our top goalscorer and by far our best defender are only on loan and will go back to their parent clubs in less than a month. Danny Collins is due to go back after the game against Derby on Saturday, while Andrews returns to Blackburn Rovers on the 13th January. Although Town have the option to sign Andrews after the loan deal, there are already other clubs swooping for his signature. Swansea were rumoured to be lining up a £2m bid for the Irishman, which to be honest Ipswich can’t even get close to competing with. Who in their right mind would want to sign for a team with the worst defensive record in the country instead of playing in the top flight for a decent wage.

Collins, who looks more likely to sign on again has been for me the best player of the season, against Brighton I didn’t see him lose a header and he has performed outstandingly all season. But this does beg the question; What is going to happen if both these players leave and don’t come back? This is what worries me a lot. I can’t see any other Premier League players wanting to sign for us. (They’ll probably go to the other half of East Anglia :@ ) In my opinion I think we will be well and truly relegated if these players leave and maybe its not such a bad thing, we could always do a Norwich! … or a Plymouth.

You may call me pessimistic but we haven’t got the best defensive record anyway, but the idea of Tommy Smith playing at the back for my Ipswich,  just sends shivers down my spine and my word Ivar Ingimarson doesn’t exactly travel like a Bugatti Veyron and he wears his shorts higher than Simon Cowell … just saying. Any way to round off this very depressing blog all I will say is that I’m looking forward to travelling to Yeovil and Oldham next year.


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