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Raspberry Pi – Worth A Byte?

You may be forgiven if you look at the title of this blog and think ‘hmm … he’s spelt pie and bite wrong’. But no, I do not come to speak to you about a fruit filled pastry. It is in fact a computer and a very cheap one for that matter. Raspberry Pi Foundation is a registered charity who aim to promote the study of computer science, especially at school level. Their first product is called the Raspberry Pi and is a single board computer as you can see by the picture is is about the size of a credit card. (85.60 mm, 53.98mm) It has a 700MHz ARM11 processor, 256MB of RAM a composite (Scart) and HDMI video output two USB slots, a SD card slot and it runs on Linux.

You may be thinking that this looks like the biggest (but maybe smallest ;D) piece of junk that has ever been sold on planet earth (Apart from a Norwich City shirt). But for its size and its cost, which I haven’t got on to yet. This little piece of engineering beauty only costs … … wait for it!!! £15! This is unbelievable. A portable computer that you could make presentations, surf the web and watch 1080p high definition videos, for £15! In my opinion anybody who doesn’t purchase one of these is a fool, but then again I support ITFC, so I may be the fool here.

This is a great tool for just about anybody to take anywhere and plug it into a TV and start doing PC orientated tasks, like programming into homes where families can’t afford a computer, which I think is good. Finally to conclude, I think it is worth a Bite … or a Byte.

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A detailed diagram of the Raspberry Pi's specs.